Building Agile Scrum Teams

3 05 2013

Agile software development values emphasize personal responsibility and self-organization. Thus the outcome of a Scrum project is as good as the Scrum team might be. Mitch Lacey has written a very good article on how you should hire if you want to build a great Scrum team. He recommends to involve the full team when you try to integrate somebody new in it. I like very much the conclusion of the article “hiring is indeed more important than breathing because a bad hire can suck the air right out of the room and have damaging effects on all things in the environment. Invest in good hiring practices, create immersive environments where you can determine if the candidate is a good fit for the culture of the company, and push accountability. Have a united approach so you can avoid the mistakes that traditional company do. Hiring is hard, but using this approach (one of many out there) will definitely help you increase your chances of a good hire.”

You can read the complete article on




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