What is the Good Length for a Scrum Sprint ?

30 09 2013

Agile teams that are new to Scrum often struggle with questions of duration and expectations of what can be accomplished in a Scrum sprint. The typical questions that arise in this situation are : “How long should it be? How can you expect me to get all that done in that short amount of time? How do we know we’ve chosen the right length?”. In this article, Brian Haughton provides hints about how to define the good length for your Scrum sprint.

He writes that “it’s common for new teams to pick a timebox at the longer end of the scale because they don’t understand how they could perform design, development and testing within a shorter period and produce a quality product.” In his article, he presents all the factors that influence the choice of a sprint length. Two weeks is the usual standard, so Brian Haughton asks “Consider carefully for what purpose you might deviate from what has become the two-week standard. Note that there is a series of reasons why two weeks has become the default. You should ask the question, “if we change to a different length sprint, what problem does that solve?””

Read the complete article “Agile Scrum Sprint Length: What’s Right for You?” on http://www.methodsandtools.com/archive/scrumspringlength.php




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