Adding Agility to Traditional Open Source Project Management Tools

31 08 2012

As companies are transitioning to Agile, they ask themselves which tool they should adopt to support the new approach. The answer is not easy as there are many providers of agile project management tools and also some open source scrum tools. The answer is even more difficult if part of the company might continue to use a traditional project management approach. There is however some situations where there are solutions to this issues and this is the case with two popular open source project management tools, Redmine and Trac, that have a plugin-based architecture. In both ecosystems,  scrum and kanban plugins have been developed that allow to use these tools in an Agile or Lean context.

Redmine is a popular open source project management web application. It was written using the Ruby on Rails framework. This software is more oriented towards a traditional approach for project management with Gantt charts and calendar. Trac is an open source enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects. Trac uses a minimalist approach to web-based software project management. It provides an interface to version control systems (Subversion, Git, Mercurial, …), an integrated Wiki and convenient reporting facilities. You have to be aware however that, as in all open source context, the quality or the continued development of the agile plugins are not guaranteed. The two articles mentioned below provides a list of plugins for each project with some information about their capabilities and their development status.

Further reading:
* Scrum and Kanban Plugins for Redmine
* Scrum and Agile Trac Plugins




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