Succeeding with Agile

7 09 2010

The book is constructed in a way that makes it easier to read, but also take into account the complexity of the software process with many “see also” side notes and “additional reading” parts that will help the reader go further and connect the current topic with related areas. Thus you can either read it sequentially or go directly to the topic that you want.

This book realistically recognizes that the journey towards being Agile is a long one that requires adaptation efforts, both for your organization and people to Agile and Agile to your organization and people. With this in mind, Mike Cohn provides you with all the tools and information to make this journey as pleasant and successful as possible.

The first strength of this book is that you can feel that its content is based on experience. The way he handles the different areas of agile is pragmatic, discussing the activity and issues that every project will meet in an open and non-dogmatic way. But the main strength of the book is that it deals frankly with all objections that you could have or hear when you discuss Agile practices. For each objection, Mike Cohn gives hints on how to consider them (and yes, some of them could be valid sometimes) and what to do. My favorite part is the one about individuals, especially the chapters that discuss resistance to change and the new roles of traditional projects members like architects or project managers in Agile projects.

Reference: “Succeeding with Agile”, Mike Cohn, Addison-Wesley, 463 pages, IBSN 978-0-321-57936-2

Get more details on this book or buy it on
Get more details on this book or buy it on




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